5th Edition Adventures: C6 - Ends Meet - EN

5th Edition Adventures: C6 - Ends Meet - EN
Brand: Troll Lord Games
Product Code: TLG19323
EAN: 9781944135720
Category: Various
License: Troll Lord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Book

Ends Meet is a town of small intrigues in a forgotten corner of a wide world, but one whose very presence at the end of the road draws all manner of creatures, both good and evil. And when the casket of a child is unearthed by a violent storm, it triggers a series of events the town’s inhabitants will talk about for years to come. This module includes a history of the town, a map of Ends Meet and its environs, details on all the town’s major inhabitants, and a map of an abandoned crypt. It also contains a 3-D rendering of the famed Cockleburr Inn and Tavern. The module includes a complete scenario as well as a host of adventure hooks. Upon the Powder River is an adventure for 3-5 characters of around 5-8 level.